ACTMEM - Active Memories

Erasmus Plus KA2, Youth - n.2021-1-IT03-KA220YOU-000029134

The ACTMEM project is based on the importance of memory as a way to enhance resilience among young people. Memory, understood both as historical memory and as "memory of the present", nourishes the social fabric, enlivening the relationships between different generations, helping the crisis to be elaborated, also thanks to comparisons with the past.


The ACTMEM project will create a series of Results, Deliverables and Outcomes.


R1 – ActMem Workshops – Innovative methodologies for the narration of memory This result consists in the realization of a blended training path based on storytelling methodologies. The training contents (including tutorials) will be realised by the partners and tested through the involvement of youth leaders during the project implementation (namely transnational training activity in C1). In order to ensure correspondence to the needs of the target groups and facilitate their further enhancement, youth leaders will replicate the learning path by organising local workshops with peers. The whole process including feedback on training contents and learning path and validation of learning contents, will lead to the realisation of a Manual addressed to youth leaders for supporting the replication of the workshops by providing methodologies and practical guidance.

R1 – Manual

This manual contains two aspects:
a) a vivid report of the Active Memories project;
b) useful hints for ones who work by using autobiographical methods in the field of social and educational field. Everyone, e.g. social workers, teachers, educators, group facilitators, activists, volunteers, can find brief descriptions of methods how to tell, collect and disseminate autobiographical stories. You can get inspired to adapt the methods flexibly to your situation or to develop new methods.
Download it:

R1 Manual

R2 – ACTMEM web platform This result consists of an interactive virtual space targeted to young people where individual stories will be shared. The platform will include tutorials, training contents and storyboards aiming at supporting the realisation of individual and collective narrations.

All the stories of the Actmem project are visible on the StoryAp portal:

The ACTMEM Active Memories videotutorials:

The ACTMEM Active Memories videotutorials are one of the outcomes of the project: whether you are an educator, a social worker, a young activist, you can take inspiration and learn from the videotutorials created by the Actmem Active Memories project partner organisations.

Watch them at these links:

1) ACTMEM VIDEOTUTORIAL Paper Theatre by ARCSS – Associação Recreativa Cultural e Social de Silveirinhos – Portugal


3) ACTMEM VIDEOTUTORIAL Unveiling Narratives: a crafting collages of personal stories by SOZIALLABEL – Germany

4) ACTMEM VIDEOTUTORIAL Introduction to Autobiographical Methodologies by Storie di Mondi Possibili – Italy

5) ACTMEM VIDEOTUTORIAL Autobiographical Writing by Storie di Mondi Possibili – Italy

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