ACTMEM - Active Memories

Erasmus Plus KA2, Youth - n.2021-1-IT03-KA220YOU-000029134

The ACTMEM project is based on the importance of memory as a way to enhance resilience among young people. Memory, understood both as historical memory and as "memory of the present", nourishes the social fabric, enlivening the relationships between different generations, helping the crisis to be elaborated, also thanks to comparisons with the past.

Actmem’s first training event dedicated to young leaders!

In March 2023, the first training event of the Actmem project took shape!

A training opportunity in storytelling methodologies, organized by the different organizations involved in the project and aimed at active youth who want to tell and take the floor!

Let’s give some numbers and some pictures of this event!

About 40 young participants from Portugal, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria at the #actmemproject training event!

5 workshops designed by @storiedimondipossibili @diesis_teatrango @arcs.silveirinhos @soziallabelberlin @ European International Centre on different storytelling methodologies!

Instead, the excitement of telling, sharing, allowing stories to circulate around the world is incalculable.

The ACTMEM – Active Memories project is beginning to take shape, after intense days for over forty participants from Portugal, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria who met…ô, exchanged practices and experimented with different storytelling methodologies.

From theater to video storytelling, and then autobiographical writing, collage and digital paper theater techniques.

The group immersed itself in the city of Arezzo, something special was just born, and all this was possible thanks to the great enthusiasm of those who participated, the organizations involved from Italy, our partners @arcs.silveirinhos @soziallabelberlin @ EIC and thanks to the hospitality and organization of @arcivaldarno, the project leader.

Ahead are months full of ideas and collective planning, in which each group from each country will work to bring together the ACTMEM – Active Memories project in territories, in events, in workshops.

Let’s activate participation with memory!