ACTMEM - Active Memories

Erasmus Plus KA2, Youth - n.2021-1-IT03-KA220YOU-000029134

The ACTMEM project is based on the importance of memory as a way to enhance resilience among young people. Memory, understood both as historical memory and as "memory of the present", nourishes the social fabric, enlivening the relationships between different generations, helping the crisis to be elaborated, also thanks to comparisons with the past.

ACTMEM workshops that are taking place locally!

Several storytelling workshops are underway in the various countries involved in the Actmem – Active Memories project.

The groups that participated in the March training event have returned to their countries and are getting involved by conducting storytelling workshops in turn using the methodologies they learned.

In fact, the goal of the March training event was to activate young people in storytelling pathways: to activate memory, storytelling, participation!

Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal are the countries involved.

The stories created during the workshops are many and some already on the StoryAp Archive in the section dedicated to the ACTMEM project!

Local activities continue in the direction of the big event at a distance in November: the Open Narrative Space for storytelling!

Follow the Actmem project organizations’ channels and the official social media pages to stay up-to-date on workshops!

We will update you soon!